I'm a sci-fi and fantasy author, currently working on novels about androids and AIs gone rogue, writing short stories along the way, as well as a passive-aggressive cookbook, and musings on film and books. I also offer proofreading and editing services.

Blog is a disordered mess of scribblings about films, TV, books, updates on my work, and anything else in between. So expect fan theories, reviews, discussion, dissection, as well as all the latest Spargo news.

Cookbook has all the information you need to complete the Official Cookmanship College Online Correspondence Course and learn how to cook passive-aggressively, as well as finding the odd, genuine recipe.

Short Stories will always have a few stories for free reading. These will be rotated from time to time.

Editing contains the details of my proofreading and editing skills and experience, should you require such services.

Contact for how to effectively get in touch with me.

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Spargo is a family name from the far-off lands of Cornwall. I have adopted this name, partly because I am rather fond of it, partly because my grandmother from where the name comes is a writer herself and her creativity has inspired me greatly, and partly because I also write as a journalist under the name Tom Dent-Spargo née Connelly (my real names past and present for anyone not in the know – looking at you, future readers who trawl through the old news posts!) and I simply want to keep my two worlds slightly separate.