An Interesting Week

To say the least, certainly not the most. Obviously, the most significant thing that happened this week was the snow that fell on Tuesday night. Snow, in November, I mean.

I'm not going to say too much here about it all, but I know I certainly feel more motivated in the wake of Tuesday's result, to raise my voice in opposition to hate in one of the main ways I know how. I'm pleased to think back on the first draft of novel number one, which is sitting patiently, waiting for me to start attacking it with my editing hands, and know that it already contains this voice, that it was already making a statement.

As a writer, you go through phases of thinking your story is amazing before thinking it's just utter unreadable garbage that will benefit no one. I am currently in the nicer of the two phases, glad that my first book feels like it has something important to say. I can only hope I still feel like this when I begin my first rewrites. So I hope everyone who feels like they need to do something to make the world a better place will do so in whatever way they can. Yes, let's not deny our feelings from Tuesday, from this whole year in general, but let's do something, let's be active and make sure we can progress, together. 

Right, emotionally charged bit over and done with. A little NaNoWriMo update. I had a predictable blip on Wednesday due to staying up all night to watch a certain shitshow and had to sleep during my normal writing time, getting on with my other work when I woke up, and overall being a bit useless that day.

I still managed to force myself to write a few hundred words though, and I was very happy that I did that. Making sure to keep going every day really helps, it's a little kickstart to motivate me the next day. Still, essentially dropping out of a day of writing has meant that my daily writing targets (which Scrivener very handily works out automatically for me based on my target word count, which days are my writing days, and how long I have to finish the project) have increased slightly, leading to the rest of the week being a little bit more work. But that's what happens when you decide to be crazy and stay up for elections. And today I hit the 20,000 word mark, which is very pleasing. It's always good to finish the week on a bit of a landmark. Despite it not mattering if it was 19,000 or 21,000, finishing the week on 20,000 feels nicer, that's just the human way I suppose. Oh no, writing from the POV of an AI is rubbing off on me...