Thomas J. Spargo is online!

So I have finally formalised everything into the aether of the internet. In this first news post, I shall give you a quick guide to the website, a brief history of the Spargo enterprise, and an update on where I am currently with all my various works.

In the News section, you will find the latest updates on my writing activities, and any other newsworthy updates (such as convention attendances, publishing news, etc.). A brief bio will make its way to the About page.

Cookbook is where I will post the entries that compose the Cookmanship Correspondence Course, also known as How to cook with passive-aggression, and many other names. As well as tips and tricks to host dinner parties using the vital ingredient of guilt, I will also put in some genuine recipes of mine.

Blog contains all my scribblings about films, TV, books, anything really. So expect fan theories, reviews, discussion, dissection, and other such words.

Short Stories, is, well, kind of obviously where I will post short stories. There will be a limited selection at first, as some that I have written need polishing off and others are under consideration for publication, requiring that they can't be published elsewhere at the time of entry. I will send a nice visible update when a new story wends its way into public consciousness.

Editing contains the details of my proofreading and editing skills and experience, should you require such services.

Contact, again, rather obvious.

From Connelly to Spargo

In my final year of university the writing bug hit me. I'm not exactly sure how and when it exactly struck, but at a steampunk market in Angel, I found an exciting opportunity. At a publisher's stall there was an upcoming flash fiction zine, called Cogzine. At 500 words an entry, this seemed to be the perfect place to get started in the world of writing, especially because time was a limited resource in the exam season. The first story I wrote for the zine is already up, expect others to follow.

Since then, I have been writing various bits and pieces, all in my spare time, working out the structures of a few novels, all sci-fi and fantasy. Last summer, I hit upon my current idea, and am nearly finished with the first draft (118,000 words so far). I look forward to editing that heavily and changing it from its current, very rough form, into something that is actually good. After finishing the first draft, I shall take a short break to write some short stories and get out of the headspace of the novel before editing it.

Finally, I have donned the Spargo name, which is a family name from the far-off lands of Cornwall. Partly because I am rather fond of the name, partly because my grandmother from where the name comes is a writer herself and her creativity has inspired me greatly, and partly because I also write as a journalist under the name Tom Connelly (my real name for anyone not in the know – looking at you, future readers who trawl through the old news posts!) and I simply want to keep my two worlds slightly separate.

Time to carry on

So, as my first draft nears completion, there a few things on the immediate horizon, giving me a very busy end to 2016. Full details of these events will be made clear soon enough, and I hope the website will be updated with a new short story in autumn. In the meantime, I will continue writing every day in some format, whether it's the novel, a passive-aggressive recipe, or a review of a beloved book.