What now?

The first draft completion celebratory bubbles went down well. Here's the empty bottle standing in proud and dignified black and white majesty, before I throw it in the bottle bank.

So now that I've finished the first draft, 'What is next,?' I hear all of you ask in very carrying voices. Well, obviously the next task for that particular novel is to edit it into submission and make it resemble something that's actually coherent and enjoyable to read. But that task can wait, I need to clear my head, come back at it with fresh eyes.

In the meantime, I will try my hand at NaNoWriMo this year, meaning my November will be very busy with writing an entire novel in a month. I came up with a new idea that should be rather easy to get splurged out in the course of a month. I'll get some prep work done between now and 1st November, including have a proper look at the website and join in with all the local group goings on in Leeds.

I think that I'll also get some short stories written in that time, maybe submit some to competitions, journals, or wherever, and post at least one to this venerable institution, so watch out for updates related to that.

And, final update for now, next week I shall be attending Fantasycon by the sea in Scarborough, a fantasy writing convention, with my sister who is also a fantasy author. A good chance for me to get the prominent Spargo nose out there into the wider writing world. Stay tuned to the Twittems and the Facebook for news on that front.

That is all. Go about the rest of your days in peace. Or war, or however you occupy yourselves of a Friday.