2017: Resolutions and Revolutions

Spoilers: no revolutions here, I just thought it was a catchy and mildly interesting sounding title. Fooled you!

2016 seemed to be a bit of a slog to get through the world over, for like, so many reasons. Personally, it was quite a productive year: I changed jobs which gives me way more time to write; I moved house and now have a proper room to write in with a fancy standing desk; I finished the first draft I'd been working and NaNoWriMo-ed another soon after, with a couple of short stories in between the two; and I went to Fantasycon in Scarborough, made some excellent contacts and new friends, and felt like this was all really something real, at last. Oh, and I created this lil website of course.

But yeah, 2016 did suck, as we know, so let's look forwards, with a little optimism, while Trump is still just president-elect and not Bigot-in-chief. Do I have any resolutions? That's the question I know everyone has been asking, and I'm sorry that I've been so slow to answer it, but here I am at last. Here's my long-awaited answer: meh, not really.

Seriously though, I know what I want to get done this year, and it's all about being as productive as fuck. I just submitted one of the aforementioned short stories to an anthology, and will submit the other very soon after it goes through its final editing process. Even if they don't get accepted, their anthology descriptions helped prompt me and get me into writing action, and I'll just shop them around elsewhere, along with some others that I've got lying around. I'm going to then get straight on finishing a few bits and pieces on the NaNoWriMo effort before sending it out to some beta readers. And then I am giving book no.1 a full redraft/edit, because that thing needs a hell of a lot more work before it can be seen by anyone else. My main plan for the year is to get one of those two novels (or both) to a level where I can start flinging them around to agents, that being the next logical step. And I'll no doubt write some new stuff – short stories, novels, novellas, whatever – whenever I feel like it. I want to be constantly writing, that's really my resolution. 

So if you see me doing something that isn't writing, like eating, or sleeping, then slap me and tell me to get writing. Also, why the hell are you watching me sleep? Pervert.