Organisation has arrived.

My tremendously exciting news is the arrival of a brand new whiteboard! Also some chalk so that I can use the blackboard door that was already here in my office. I know you all absolutely needed to hear this wonderful news.

It is a whiteboard, despite the overly dramatic filter I've chosen.

It is a whiteboard, despite the overly dramatic filter I've chosen.

2017 has begun a little slowly on the productivity front due to a vicious lurgy that has kept me fed up until now. But having another surface on which to sketch my thoughts, issues, narrative and chronological doobries and so on will get me nice and organised, get my stories straight and so on. (The blackboard is mainly for my journalism work, just as a to-do list really, as well as for this website...MOAR organisation!)

In order to get editing, I need to work out what additions and changes need to go where and personally, I need another surface to look at sometimes. Notes and to-do lists on the computer are dead useful, but also ignorable as they're not always visible on the screen; these boards are right up in my face. Scrivener is great for organising my novels, but it's nice to turn around and come at it from another angle. The more tools the better. I think I'm going to write a synopsis for my novel too, as a preliminary guide for which areas need work, and I can then play about with those issues on my new whiteboard. Huzzah! Now, let's hope this will translate into actual words and work, the faster I can get writing and editing, the sooner I can start pestering agents. I've just seen a friend last week post an update about sending out loads of query letters and it got me all riled up to be productive, only to instead need a lemsip and a lie down. But I'm back and healthy, baby!

Now, back to your interesting/boring lives.