Second draft!

It's been a while since I waffled about my progress on the novel front. After a somewhat unproductive summer in this area, I've now dug my self out of a bit of a creative rut and am officially working on the second draft of Zora's Remorse. Huzzah! It had been stuck in limbo of being sort of between first and second draft. But now, with a deadline for the end of the year, productivity has returned. I am about halfway done with this second draft, powering through about two chapters a day.



What's this deadline I'm working towards? I hear you ask. There's an open book submission that concludes at the end of the year and I am smashing through this whole editing process with the intent of submitting it to that. I want to get this novel to about a fifth draft stage before then. That;s a whole lot more drafts! The hope is that drafts 3, 4, and 5 will be quicker. What I'm doing now is inserting and altering huge amounts of basic plot, making it coherent. The later drafts will be much more about the writing itself, making it interesting and exciting.

If I don't quite have the book to the standard I want by the deadline, I won't submit it. But having that deadline to work towards has been incredibly useful. I've been waiting for a booted foot to connect with my bottom. It's already got me working round the clock and being productive as balls. So, all good things. 

Also, my intention is fling the book round the alpha readers when I submit it, so hold tight.