Rewriting and editing history

It's a new experience, still a little novel, that of going back to a first draft and essentially redoing it. My NaNoWriMo first draft is the target. After I completed the challenge with two days to spare, I then couldn't work out what the extra words I needed to put into it were. I knew that, as a book, it wasn't quite there with all the story elements, that I needed to go back into it and insert lots of characterisation, expand upon characters and plot points, set things up so they pay off more convincingly, and so on. But addressing that was hard.

So I let it be. I turned my attention to a couple of short stories, polishing them off, immersing myself in some different worlds. I noted down the odd idea into my notes folder whenever I had a shower epiphany, or a stark realisation about the story as I was trying to sleep, but I left the actual book alone, just let the ideas grow and sit there, fermenting. Then I got my beautiful whiteboard and word-sploded onto it, allowing me to get all those notes into a workable order, and my brain along with it. Armed with all these tools I charged at the book.

And I wrote a few words the first day. A few more the second. Not as easy as I was hoping, it was a right slog. It's hard to go back to one's own precious words with the potential intention to be deleting them. My words are sacred! Except they're not, not at all, and it took a few sessions to get over that damned hurdle.

With that rubbish notion cleared out of my head, it's been a much easier ride, powering out 12,000 words or so in the past couple of weeks, with a firm idea of how everything is shaping up now. So I continue on in this manner, and I hope to see this draft finished in the middle of March, certainly before the end of the month. Then, perhaps, it might be time to show it in the light, let other people glue their eyes to it...we'll see.