No, that's not the name of a new character. It's been a bit of a slog doing this editing stuff, where I'm currently just having to insert lots of story elements mainly into the beginning of Zora's Remorse, so that the story as a whole will make more sense and be a richer experience. A right old slog, sifting through all those words I've already written to find the place I need to insert more words, and then work out which ones to bloody get rid of. Very hard to keep track of it all.

But a mild breakthrough has occurred and it's starting to feel easier and that I'm feeling more productive. I think it's just getting used to the process, rather than anything else. Getting over that hurdle of deleting one's own precious words can be tricky, but the sooner you leap over it, the sooner you can plough on with the rest of it. So that's what's happening on that front.

I've also planned the first part of a new space travel novel, which is unpacked from a short story I wrote, and I've got a couple of new short stories floating in mind to start work on soon, one of which is set in my androids/AI universe. I really need a name for that universe. The Spargoverse? Also, I've started to cast actors for the long-form TV version of Zora's Remorse, have to keep mentally slapping myself to stop doing that. Gotta focus on the slog, not on which actors would be perfect for the roles for a TV show that doesn't exist based on an as yet unfinished novel. Focus on the slog, that's the now and the damned work. And, as I said, it's feeling productive at the moment, so I'm feeling very happy about it all. This time last week, much less so. So that's progress! And when the black cloud of not-being-productive hangs over me, it sucks up time and energy that could be spent writing nonsense on this website. I hope to have a new cookbook entry up next week presuming this wave of positivity and productivity continues.

Happy drinking-and-boldly-claiming-your-family-is-mostly-Irish day! Damn, I've run out of Father Ted to rewatch, just finished a marathon of it. Oh well, time to carry on with the Deep Space Nine...