I have transcended

I'm a cyborg now. Seriously, I just got a microchip implanted into my hand. Thanks to an excellent couple of talks at Leeds International Festival on the topic of cyberpunk and biohacking, I just got this chip inserted by a piercer (and I got a new nose ring done at the same time, thanks to that £20 I found in the pub). 

Trust me, it's there somewhere.

Trust me, it's there somewhere.

So, what does it actually do? Well, nothing...yet. Because Apple is rubbish, iPhones don't have an NFC reader inside them so it can't read my hand (Apple Pay works the same way as the chip i my hand, I need the phone to be a reader like the card readers in the shops), but Android phones can read them, so I may be switching technology when my contract is up. 

I'm not too worried about the temporary utter lack of functionality, it's got a lifespan of at least around twenty years, plenty of time to get it to automate one tiny job in my life. It's a living project for me. Given that a lot of my writing centres around characters that have some kind of implant (usually retinal screens and the like) it makes sense that I'd want to play around with it in real life too. Thanks to those talks for reinvigorating my cyberpunk brain (still organic...for now), though I had already begun a cyberpunk film rewatch by chance in any case.

It's all reminded me about the stuff that I really love to read and write: experimenting with technology, discovering what it means to be human, what can be achieved, what it is good or right to do with new technology, and so on. I am damned excited and the churning of words will begin. I'm slogging through an edit of a novel, and also writing two different short stories, one with a cyberpunk machine that people plug into every day. I recently came to the conclusion that I need to always be writing a short story, just simply alongside the novel work, to keep me fresh, experimenting with ideas, writing styles, and just having fun while I do the dirty work of getting this novel up to a readable standard.

Unfortunately my new chip can't actually assist with my typing in anyway (I wish I had the hands from Ghost in the Shell sometimes) but I can just look at my left hand and remember that the characters and stories I'm writing about are not too far away now, and that I'd better get on and write these stories before it stops being 'speculative fiction' and is just observations. 

I have transcended, I am more than human now. But I still have to dig my wallet or phone out to pay for things like you plebs. For the moment at least, but just you wait until I can display my business card on a phone!