Editing and proofreading services

I am a qualified proofreader and trained copy-editor from Chapterhouse Publishing and my experience covers a wide spectrum, so whatever your editing requirements are – whether fiction or non-fiction, or even a catalogue – I will be able to help.


I am the Assistant Editor of the Robotics Law Journal, which requires proofreading and editing for every single issue, checking for consistency of style alongside correcting typographical errors.

I have also copy-edited a full length novel, proofread a dissertation for a Master's degree, created and edited a sports equipment brochure, proofread a book of abstracts on specialist topic of statistics, and proofread many other academic essays of varying topics from history to linguistics.

Services and rates


For manuscripts or projects that are in the final proof stage or are about to be sent off for publication and need a final check.

I will go through it line-by-line to correct typographical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, obvious continuity errors, and format errors. I will not provide any editorial insight as to your style or suggest any changes, except where there looks to be a genuine error.

Rate: £0.004 per word (e.g. £40 for a 10,000 word project; £200 for a 50,000 word project)


For manuscripts or projects that need an earlier check than final proofing but are almost ready for publication.

I will amend typos and errors as I would in proofreading, and I will also check for continuity and clarity of meaning, suggesting amendments where necessary, and highlight words that may be overused or inappropriate, leaving final decisions in your hands of course.

Rate: £0.006 per word (e.g. £60 for a 10,000 word project; £300 for a 50,000 word project)

I am also happy to discuss a flat fee for a project and can offer discounted rates for repeat customers.

I am happy to work with a hard copy using the official proofreading/copy-editing marks, or I can use the track changes feature on Word. Expenses for printing costs will have to be covered by the client.

Use the form on the contact page or send an email to contact@thomasjspargo.com and include Editing Enquiry in the subject line.